Taral Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Company was set up in1968 to produce pest control Equipment and with its ever improving machine park, technical facilities and expert personnel Taral has made considerable progress in manufacturing Agricultural machinery and Equipment. Hence, it has been an accountable and a most preferred firm producing machinery and Equipment able to compete their alikes throughout the world.

Quality Policy :

In Taral, with its motto "Quality is not checked but produced"it is the responsibility of any individual employee in any position to ensure the reliability of Taral quality and protect and maintain the company prestige. It is also our principal task to satisfy our customers with our products and service by determining their needs and expectations accurately and provide them with the best after-sales service.

Our company offers efficient sales and after-sales service with 249 authorized dealers and 596 authorized services throughout Turkey

Taral takes the pride in obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate for Agricultural machines fort the first time in Turkey.

All our products are marked with CE and have one year warranty.